Let us tell you about St. Louis. We still carry its pride. Our walls have held up since the blazed revolution of industry past. Our chrome grills represent a time and class of those that rolled down streets reverberated by blues-belting brass. While our young affluent neighbors are busy - we’ll take time to talk to you. Admire our craftsmanship. Color our walls. Stay the night for free. And we’ll tell you about St.Louis. ~ J.T.Everett

These are scans of photos I took and developed through the silver gelatin printing process for a photo project on abandoned places.

One abandoned building here has been listed by the Riverfront Times as the "Best old building" in St. Louis. It's called the Cotton Belt Freight Depot - built in 1914 toward the end of the Second Industrial Revolution. Also represented is a building that will remain anonymous and isn't quite abandoned, as it's shown here to be occupied by an urban survivalist. Finally, the car, which I found just north of St. Louis, is a 1950's Buick which was rolling the streets when St. Louis became known for its own flavor of blues.

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